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Resumes can be used for many purposes. Most of the people who will be doing an initial review of your resume will not be familiar with the work to be done or the skill sets requested. They will approach your resume with the simple task of making sure that the mandatory requirements for the position are clearly indicated.

If they are uncertain about whether your skills match the requirements then you will be disqualified without being consulted for clarifications. They have many resumes to go through and it makes their job easier if they can eliminate as many as possible in the first round. Try to look at it from the evaluator’s point of view.

The following tips will help to secure decent contract work:

  1. Make sure that the resume is current and includes your address, phone number and e-mail (Names should sound professional. ie is not acceptable). References that can vouch for your work experience should be included as well (make sure references have a copy of your resume).
  2. Indicate your security clearance level together with the CIISD file number and the expiration date.
  3. When describing your work it is best to include a breakdown of all of your tasks, the tools used (ie software applications), and the technical environment (ie programming languages). Make sure that everything is included even if it only used for a short duration. Many times it is the unique tasks and tools that make the difference.
  4. Do not exceed 10 pages using Courier 12pt or Times New Roman 12pt font. If you have exceeded this limit chances are that you are rambling.
  5. Group your points according to work location and position. If you worked at one firm and were promoted several times then it is not necessary to duplicate entries. Everything should be placed in only one section with an indication at the beginning of the various positions held.
  6. Review and resubmit your resume every 6 months even if you are currently employed.

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