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Wind Generators

Most small wind generators require an average wind speed of 4  m/s (14.4 kph) to start producing electricity. In order to determine your needs it is best to have a wind study done that ascertains your average wind speed for each month and how the wind patterns change during the  day. Typically, manufacturers pick a certain wind speed to rate the power output of the generator. It is important to look at the power generation vs. wind speed curve before selecting a particular model.

Installation is a major concern for wind power. Make sure  that your preferred location can support the mounting equipment (platform, mast and  guy wires), allows for ease of maintenance, and is within a reasonable distance from your electrical system in order to avoid unnecessary line losses. Quallium has two brands of wind generators: Marlec and Southwest Windpower.


Marlec has the Rutland wind generators that are geared for a marine environment. They have the following features:

  • low speed start up of just 8 km/h
  • generates 90 Watts at 32 km/h and goes up to 250 Watts
  • generator specially designed for a wind turbine
  • stator windings without an iron core for low friction to allow low start up speeds
  • generates smooth power between gusts due to a high inertia flywheel
  • the furlmatic version tilts in high winds to avoid damage allowing the unit to be unattended

Southwest Windpower

Southwest has two product lines: the AIR and Whisper series. Both are geared to the cottage/home market.

AIR series. This series has a rated power output of 400 Watts at a wind speed of 45 km/h. It is the most popular selling small turbine in the world. There are three variants (land, marine, and industrial) that provide additional protection depending on the  environment it is to be used in: The Land model is the most basic of the three. The Marine model is specially designed to withstand the harsh marine environment by having a powder coated finish on the aluminum body  and sealed body and electronics to prevent corrosion. The industrial model is designed for high wind areas. It has stronger blades and a resistive load dump to dissipate excess power. Common features on all three  are:

  • internal charge controller
  • very low maintenance (only 2 moving parts)
  • exclusive Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator
  • start-up speed of 10 km/h
  • quiet operation

Whisper.  The whisper series consists of three  models ranging from 900, 1000, to 3000 Watts output at 45 km/h winds. They have  higher power output at slower wind velocities, which results in longer periods of electrical power being provided. These models are ideal for cottage and full-time home use. Their features include:

  • external charge controller
  • permanent magnet generator that eliminates the need for brushes
  • aerodynamic blades that maximize output at low wind speeds
  • user configurable output voltage
  • auto-furling to provide protection in high winds

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